How to "pimp your ARF"

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I am about to start working on a mini L-39 from Hobbyking, and even if the plane is almost ready to fly, I would like to spend some time trying to give it that mirror finish usually found in composite models. Enough with that foam beads look, let's take the next step up!

I was looking around for some good reference material to learn how to do this the right way, and stumbled upon this series of videos from Randy Carranza, or Randyman805 on youtube, in which the author starts from the unboxing and ends up with a completely "pimped" P-40 warhawk. I believe the series might still be ongoing, and I will make sure to add any future episode should they come out.
All the credits for this awesome job go to Randy. Way to go man!

Ultimately this is what I will try to do to my L-39, just making sure to only use water based product as foam is a bit susceptible to solvents..

I found it very informative and well done, therefore I would like to share it with you, hoping you will enjoy it as I did:

The unboxing:


Robart Hinge removal:

Monocote removal:

Sheeting control surfaces:

Fiberglassing PART 1:

Fiberglassing PART 2:

Primer and leveling:

Control surfaces detail:

Panel lines:

Scale rivets:


Stay tuned for more!