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Welcome to RcLab.info!

RCLab.info is a website all about Radio Controlled flying models.
Wether you fancy helicoptersairplanes or multirotors, you will be able to find all sorts of articles with tips, mods and guidance to take your passion one step further.

This is such a rewarding hobby which, through all its challenges, will have you learning an incredible amount of things and people who shares the same passion.

I have been practicing RC modelling for a little over 3 years now so I am far to be any kind of expert, but I had to learn the basics and some more advanced (and fancier) stuff to be able to satisfy my never ending thirst for anything RC.  

This website is intended to be a sort of repository of my knowledge about RC things, techniques I use and tips I learnt by practicing this wonderful hobby. 
Hopefully I will be able to transmit what I learn to you, and I hope as well that I will learn as much if not more from you sharing back your experiences.

This hobby is so varied and adapted to any kind of person that I am pretty sure that you will find a niche which satifies your tastes.

Now please feel free to have a look at the articles I wrote in the different sections of the websites, and of course, should you have any comment, question, or if you only want to say hi, please shoot me an email or find me on the following social networks!

Facebook    Twitter    Youtube

In the meantime, happy landings!