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Blade Nano S2 - How to repair the frame posts

01 November 0
I think that anyone who has a micro helicopter, such as the Blade Nano in any of its versions (CPX, CPS, S2) has broken the frame posts tryi...

How to repair your Imax B6 charger screen

10 March 0
Quite a while ago I bought a second hand Blade 130X helicopter, which came with an Imax B6 charger included in the deal. The charger always ...

Custom Teksumo for FPV Long Range

20 April 0
After a lot of procrastination, here is my Teksumo wing, modified for long range FPV! I am enjoying my ZMR 250 quad a lot, but with summe...

Build Log - ZMR Mini quad

13 August 0
Since the mini quad craze begun I have been watching countless youtube videos of skilled people zipping through forests, parking lots or u...

Some FPV Antennas

22 May 0
22nd May 2014 Just a quick "Hi!" to let you know I have been busy learning stuff about antennas, which is something I would have...

DIY Diversity Ground Station for FPV flying...with hysteresis

19 May 0
Now that the tricopter is on its way to become my FPV platform I found myself stuck with the ground station being my video receiver strappe...

The tricopter is about to go FPV!

22 April 0
22nd April 2014 Work has been a bit crazy lately, which is a great thing, but it took my away from here and from the club, which is a terr...

How to set up your multicopter for FPV

02 February 0
I have been flying my FPV Manuals Tricopter for a while now, and broke its legs multiple times either losing control or because of the o...

DIY Thrust Measurer

22 January 0
In order to test a motor / prop / ESC combo you can certainly read the specs on your equipment and hope the manufacturer did not inflate...

How to fit a T-Rex 450 Pro into a scale fuselage

25 April 0
So, After crashing, digging holes in parks and fields, repairing, spending days on the sim trying to perform some 3D...well I decided t...

How to build balsa wheel spats

15 February 0
I have been looking everywhere for a decent pair of wheel spats (wheel pants for the guys on the other side of the pond) to fit my scra...

How to wire and program a tricopter

02 December 0
I think that other than getting into RC flying stuff after being inspired by my dad, another thing that motivated me is certainly the ab...

How to solder bullet connectors

01 December 0
A bit of "back to the basics" kind of article here. When I started off soldering things to other things I always found it har...

mCPX - 130X - nCPX shakes? How to clean Blade linear servos

23 April 0
Have you ever experienced the famous "shakes" when you hover your micro helicopter, being that any chopper that uses linear s...

How to: Blade mCPX Tail extension mod

21 April 0
A very common problem with the Blade mCPX and with all the helicopters with a separate motor driven tail is the tail blowing out. 

How to install a brushless kit on a Blade mCPX

18 April 0
Here we are with some more work on the Blade mCPX. I finally received my 'Plug and Play' brushless conversion from Hawk RC  (t...

How to turn a Fusuno canopy into a Prôtos clone

16 April 0
Recently I bought a Fusuno canopy originally designed for the Align T-Rex 450 and I intended to use it on my Blade 400. What made me ...
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