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XK K110 - Mods to make it even better!

05 May 0
While in lockdown, micro helicopters have become the must have among rc helicopter pilots, and the general consensus is that the XK K110 is ...

Blade mCPx BL v2 mini review

24 April 0
Back in 2010 Blade came out with one of the most revolutionary RC helicopters of all times: the mCPX. It was a genius product, which offer...

Blade Nano S2 Mini Review

21 April 0
At the moment I am writing this article, half the planet is in lockdown because of the COVID-19 pandemic, and I keep seeing people who, stuc...

Blade Nano S2 - How to repair the frame posts

01 November 0
I think that anyone who has a micro helicopter, such as the Blade Nano in any of its versions (CPX, CPS, S2) has broken the frame posts tryi...

XK K110 - Mini review and beginner settings

28 October 0
For the last 8 years I have been flying helicopters, I always had a micro lying around. They are awesome, and every time I want to learn a n...

Blade 130X Maintenance schedule and upgrades

17 October 0
A while ago I decided to buy a second hand Blade 130X which came with a good bunch of upgrades already installed. I was on the market fo...

How to configure your Spektrum radio with Phoenix RC

11 May 0
When I started flying RC helicopters I had been warned that it would have been a tough quest, and while I was flying fixed pitch helicop...

How to fit a T-Rex 450 Pro into a scale fuselage

25 April 0
So, After crashing, digging holes in parks and fields, repairing, spending days on the sim trying to perform some 3D...well I decided t...

Align T-Rex 250 Build log

12 February 0
After flying for almost a year with my loyal Blade 400 I decided to sell it to a local bloke and buy a 250 class size. At first i was very...

How to start with RC Helicopters: The RADD School of Rotary Flight

28 November 0
And here she flies! This is my Blade 400, with an aftermarket canopy (before being painted to resemble a Protos) flying on my 10th batter...

The cheap solution to tail problems: EMax ES9257

06 May 0
After installing the Spartan Quark on my Blade 400 I still was not getting the results I was expecting. Mainly the tail would blow out sl...

A tail holding master: the Spartan Quark gyro

25 April 0
I have to say that I am still in the learning process with my Blade 400, and what I found to be quite frustrating is that the tail does...

mCPX - 130X - nCPX shakes? How to clean Blade linear servos

23 April 0
Have you ever experienced the famous "shakes" when you hover your micro helicopter, being that any chopper that uses linear s...

How to: Blade mCPX Tail extension mod

21 April 0
A very common problem with the Blade mCPX and with all the helicopters with a separate motor driven tail is the tail blowing out. 

How to install a brushless kit on a Blade mCPX

18 April 0
Here we are with some more work on the Blade mCPX. I finally received my 'Plug and Play' brushless conversion from Hawk RC  (t...

How to turn a Fusuno canopy into a Prôtos clone

16 April 0
Recently I bought a Fusuno canopy originally designed for the Align T-Rex 450 and I intended to use it on my Blade 400. What made me ...

Prôtos canopy for the Blade mCPX

15 April 0
A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted one of those canopies that resemble the beautiful Prôtos for my Blade mCPX. After a bit of resear...
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