How to install a brushless kit on a Blade mCPX

Here we are with some more work on the Blade mCPX. I finally received my 'Plug and Play' brushless conversion from Hawk RC (this item is not in stock anymore) which I ordered after hearing so many good things about a brushless mCPX compared to a stocker.
In particular, the one I have is composed of the following elements:

- C05M motor
- 6A Hawk RC ESC with converter
- 8T pinion

The transaction went smooth and I totally recommend them if you don't feel like soldering on a rather expensive board such as the mCPX 3 in 1.

But let's talk about the conversion: being 'Plug and Play' it has been dead easy to upgrade, the only soldering I needed to perform was to attach the motor connector to the motor wires. My opinion is that they don't pre-solder them in case you want to solder the motor straight to the ESC saving some weight.

After converting I went out and flew a few packs at the park, and I found that the head speed is considerably increased, but my skills are what they are, and I tend to slam the sticks while performing loops and rolls, causing the motor to bog excessively.

The radio I am using is a DX6i, and I left the settings I had originally to start with, but I found that the following settings help reducing the bog and to extend the flight time:

- pitch travel:     70% in both direction
- throttle curve:  I usually fly in 'idle up' mode so my curve is linear at 100%
- pitch curve:     linear from 0% to 100%

As a side note I have to say that the little red wire that comes from the converter plugs into the positive slot of the brushed motor connector: this has a side effect on the throttle and it makes it so that WOT is reached at mid stick, and any more than that stays at full throttle.
To overcome this many solder the red wire to the output point of the 3 in 1, but as I fly in 'idle up' I don't have this need.


EDIT as of May 2013: I find that this combination really is NOT an improvement over the stock motor. Now that my flight skills are getting better and better, and so is my collective management, there is no way this motor will not bog under minimum effort. It is not the batteries, it is not the connections, it truly is the motor. The manufacturer kindly sent me another one, but with the same result. So I cannot really recommend this combo as an upgrade. As soon as finances will allow I will get an HP05 and see what a real BL mCPX feels like.

What's in the box: C05M motor, two screws (I had to file them down as they are too long), motor connector, ESC and converter
The connector has been soldered to the motor wires and heat shrink has been placed to protect from impacts and shorts

Everything is connected and checked for possible issues before it is too late...

Motor has been mounted in the MicroHeli carbon frame. This frame has been designed with the brushless conversion in mind and installing it is a piece of cake

All the components are back in place and the ESC + converter combo are attached to the 3 in 1 with foam tape

Just another view of the conversion
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