Prôtos canopy for the Blade mCPX

Blade mcpx custom canopy

A couple of weeks ago I decided I wanted one of those canopies that resemble the beautiful Prôtos for my Blade mCPX. After a bit of research it came out that the only option was to ask Seltino on Helifreak for one. 

Well, after exactly a week I opened the box! YAY! There is not much to say except that Roman replied to my request in no time, sent the canopy right away and padded it like it should be done. 
The colours, as he said, hold onto the canopy even if you squeeze it, drill it, or generally if you are not gentle with it. 
I still have to crash it, and hopefully I won't for a while, but it looks as sturdy as the stock one. 

Great job Roman, I really like what I received!

Blade mcpx custom canopy box
The box had tape all around. It took me quite a bit to get it open

Blade mcpx custom canopy unboxing
And inside the first box was a second one, filled with shredded paper

Blade mcpx custom canopy unboxing
Finally, after lots of unpacking here is the canopy!

Blade mcpx custom canopy installed
And here is the finished installation
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