The tricopter is about to go FPV!

22nd April 2014

Work has been a bit crazy lately, which is a great thing, but it took my away from here and from the club, which is a terrible thing.

In the meantime I had ordered some bits and bobs from our trusty Hobbyking to take the tricopter to where it really belongs, in the FPV world.
I have tried for more than a year keeping things simple: a screen and video from GoPro. That's it. Maybe it was too simple, as I was not getting anywhere really, I could not keep myself from looking at the tricopter all the time, as altitude and speed were impossible for me to decipher causing all sorts of confusions.

Well those days are OVER! I invested in a $20 Mini OSD and found a great deal for some Fatshark Dominator goggles. YAY! I am finally in the game. Well sorta, I still run 5.8GhZ Video gear, which will not take me very far, but let's take it one step at a time...

So, if you are like me a few weeks ago, you might ask yourself what a OSD is. OSD stands for On Screen Display, and basically adds flight informations to your screen, overlaying them to your video feed.
This particular OSD comes with a GPS unit, therefore the infos displayed include coordinates, speed, and altitude.
I then flashed the OSD with the U-OSD software from Alexmx on RCGroups and now it displays an arrow pointing home, which is immensely helpful if you fly a bit further away and you are not super familiar with the environment.

A quick test at home made me grin A LOT, now I wish I had the time to head to the field to test it for real!

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