Custom Teksumo for FPV Long Range

How to build Long range FPV aircraft

After a lot of procrastination, here is my Teksumo wing, modified for long range FPV! I am enjoying my ZMR 250 quad a lot, but with summer approaching I needed a different rig, something which I could throw in the backpack while hiking, to be able to surf the mountains and capture amazing videos. Yes, well, this is the plan at least! Follow me along the construction...below!

Components I used:

- Hobbyking Teksumo wing

- Orange LRS 1W Tx and Rx with homemade dipole antennas
- Boscam 500mW 2.4GHz Vtx with homemade windmill antenna
- Boscam RX302 VRx with homemade cloverleaf antenna
(you can buy them together here)

- Turnigy AE-30A ESC
- Turnigy 2826-10 - 1400kv motor
- APC 7x5 propeller

- Cyclops Storm OSD

Overall weight is about 1kg, which makes it very porky, but she flies great, so I am ok with it.

How to modify FPV long range aircraft
First thing I did was to close the voids on the bottom of the wings. These are designed to accept the battery and the electronics, but I would NEVER put anything precious on the underside of a tiny foam wing...

How to build center section FPV wing
I needed a center blunt section, and there are many readymade solutions you can buy on the internet, but I so much prefer building things, so here are the pieces, drawn in CAD and cut by hand in 2 and 3 mm aircraft grade plywood. What a pain...but I am quite happy with the result.

How to build blunt section FPV wing
The section is 125mm wide, and can hold a 3S 2200mAh LiPo sideways, a GoPro, the flight cam, an OSD plus all the electronics. It weight some 100 grams, hopefully it will not be too heavy at the end!

How to reinforce foam wings
Here you can see how I capped the wings with 1,5mm balsa, and cut a groove for an aluminium tube. The grooves will be two, one at the rear and one at the front, so I can slide in two carbon rods to act as spar for a detachable system.

How to increase FPV wing power
In order to minimise the noise of a pusher prop, I cut this section away from each wing, and the result is incredible

How to improve FPV wing servos
The horns are attached

How to build blunt section FPV wing
Here you can see how I plan to fix the cover of the blunt section: I am using coroplast so I slide a thin carbon rod through the last channel, and fixed it on the blunt section. It works wonders! You can also see the two cameras in place and the propulsive assembly at the back

GoPro FPV wing center section
The blunt nose almost complete with the cover. It fits snugly between the walls, and I do not need any magnet to keep it close.

How to route FPV cables
Right wing with a groove where all the cables go through (PPM, right servo and RSSI cable)

How to route FPV wing
Left wing with left servo and video cabling to the VTx

How to paint FPV aircraft
And the blunt section completed with some colour

How to secure wings to fuselage
This is how I am keeping the two halves together: I cut a tiny groove on each wing and glued a couple carbon spar. I then inserted two rods per wing and run a rubber band across. I know it is not the most aesthetic or aerodynamic solution, but for now it will do
Long range teksumo
The final result! She flies awesome!
Now all I need to do is to find an amazing landscape, hike to the top of a mountain, throw the wing down and film. HA! In the meantime, happy landings!

EDIT - July 2015

I was out in the mountains with dad, he was flying his glider, I was lazily fpv'ing the Tekky, when the following happened!
As a result the central section is totalled, so I had to build another one..

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