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Hobbyking Sbach v2 build log / review - Part 1

26 June 0
The XtremeAir Sbach 342. Image courtesy of So, after I destroyed my home made 1m supercharged Ugly Stick I decided two thi...

Align T-Rex 250 Build log

12 February 0
After flying for almost a year with my loyal Blade 400 I decided to sell it to a local bloke and buy a 250 class size. At first i was very...

The cheap solution to tail problems: EMax ES9257

06 May 0
After installing the Spartan Quark on my Blade 400 I still was not getting the results I was expecting. Mainly the tail would blow out sl...

mCPX - 130X - nCPX shakes? How to clean Blade linear servos

23 April 0
Have you ever experienced the famous "shakes" when you hover your micro helicopter, being that any chopper that uses linear s...
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