Some FPV Antennas

22nd May 2014

Just a quick "Hi!" to let you know I have been busy learning stuff about antennas, which is something I would have never attempted without the awesome tutorials by Alex Greve, or IBCrazy as he is known on the forums.

Lately, as you might have noticed, my interest in FPV has spiked, and every time my interest spikes I need to do something about it, so I went full on on antennas this time:

I fly on 5.8GHz, 5705MHz to be precise, and after building myself a diversity receiver, I decided to give home made antennas a go to see what I can get using tailored antennas and combining them.

Until a couple of weeks ago I was using my two Spironets (numbers 3 and 5 in the picture above) and they do a decent job, but this hobby without experimenting is like going to the movies and keep your eyes shut, so I decided to go on and build something.

What I have done:

1) Inverted Vee. 3/2 Wavelength vertically polarised antenna, to be used on my wing.
2) Biquad. Highly directional vertically polarised antenna, for the ground station
3) Spironet (badly manufactured version of #6)
4) Skew Planar Antenna, circularly polarised antenna, for the ground station
5) Spironet (badly manufactured version of #4)
6) Cloverleaf antenna, circularly polarised, to be used on the tricopter
7) Helical. Circularly polarised directional antenna for the ground station.

All the tutorials are on RCGroups:

Inverted Vee tutorial
Biquad tutorial
Skew Planar tutorial
Cloverleaf tutorial
Helical Tutorial

YAY, can't wait for the bloody wind to stop so I can test them out!
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