Teasing and ranting

31st July 2014

Summer is here (couple of days a week at least) and my grand plan for when I'll travel in August was to take with me some FPV stuff, also because the idea is to go to amazing places!

I won't tell you right away what the latest project is, but check this image and I am sure that the most of you will understand in a second:

Thing is: I ordered all the bits, the frame and all I needed for the build from the usually trusty Hobbyking on the 30th of May, and as of today, 2 months later, the parcel still have to get to France.
Surely it is not HK's fault directly, but given that I cannot pick the carrier I find it is their ultimate responsibility to choose wisely how to get the product to their customers.

In doubt I opened a paypal claim, with the idea of paying HK back when and if the parts show up, and ordered another frame from banggood, which has been sitting somewhere in France for 10 days.

COME ON! Why all the frames I order get stuck somewhere??? Can't I have one before summer is over?

Ok, apologies, rant over.

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