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Cheerson CX-20 / Quanum Nova Overview

28 October 0
Recently I got my full scale pilot license and I started collaborating with a local enterprise taking aerial videos with an array of di...

Custom Teksumo for FPV Long Range

20 April 0
After a lot of procrastination, here is my Teksumo wing, modified for long range FPV! I am enjoying my ZMR 250 quad a lot, but with summe...

DIY Diversity Ground Station for FPV flying...with hysteresis

19 May 0
Now that the tricopter is on its way to become my FPV platform I found myself stuck with the ground station being my video receiver strappe...

The tricopter is about to go FPV!

22 April 0
22nd April 2014 Work has been a bit crazy lately, which is a great thing, but it took my away from here and from the club, which is a terr...
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